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Town Centre Phase 2 Heralds Way Site16pp Lease particulars - includes design brief. Site for 500sq m shopping floorspace

Town Centre Phase 2 Merchant Street Site 12pp Lease particulars, includes design brief. Site for 400sq m shopping floorspace

Town Centre Phase 3 Design and Development Brief 24pp Brief for 1400 sq m shopping floorspace plus residential and office floorspace. Used for submission of tenders but superseded by events

Town Centre Phases 4, 5 & 6 Planning Brief 1983 10pp Planning reappraisal of remaining parts of town centre. Formed the basis of individual design briefs for these phases.

Town Centre Phase 4 Design Brief 1985 36pp Brief for 0.37 hectare site for 1850sq m shopping floorspace plus other uses

Town Centre Phase 4 Design Brief 1988 38pp Superseded the above

Town Centre Phase 5 Design Brief 1985 18pp Design brief for sheltered housing on eastern side of town centre

Town Centre Phase 6 Design Brief 1985 10pp Design Brief for high density housing on southern edge of the town centre

Town Centre Phase One Leisure Centre 4pp Site south of superstore. Not built.

Town Centre Phase One Craft & Studio Homes Development Brief 1977 46pp 0.8 hectare site for mixed residential/commercial/workshop units

Town Centre Phase One Public House 10pp  Design Criteria and Tender Details for 0.25 ha. site

Town Centre Shopping Consultation Document 1976 14pp Examines options and invites response regarding form of town centre

Housing Sites

Development Area 1 (Housing - Fenn Farm site) 1975 8pp Design brief includes detailed 1:500 layout suggestion

Phase One Northern Housing Area Design Brief 1976 40pp 16 hectare housing area for 12 development sites. Includes detailed layout suggestion Sites A to J

Phase One Town Centre Housing Area Design Brief 1978 8pp 10 hectare development site west of town centre. 3 development sites. Includes detailed layout suggestion. Sites N1, N2 and O

Phase One Southern Housing Area Design Brief 1979 34pp 40 hectare development site. Sites Q to AE. General principles of development, no detailed layout

Phase Two Central Housing Area Design Brief 1983 36pp Housing sites 1 - 3, 11, 18 - 25 General development principles with more details in vicinity of sub-centre

Phase Two Western Housing Area Design Brief 1983 34pp Housing sites 12 - 17 General development principles

Phase Two South Western Housing Area Plot 6 Design Brief 1986 18pp Housing sites 6A, 6B and 6C

Phase Two Housing Area Plot 7 Planning Brief 16pp Housing site 7

Phase Two South Western Housing Area Design Brief 1986 26pp Housing plots 8, 9 and 10 adjoining country park

Industrial Areas

Phase One Eastern Industrial Area Development Brief 1977 44pp 7.5 hectare industrial area detailed design guidance/layout, also covers construction, management

Saltcoats Industrial Area Development Brief 36pp 4.2 hectare industrial area detailed design guidance/layout, also covers construction, management

Western Industrial Area Development Brief1984 52pp 3.2 hectare industrial area detailed design guidance/layout, also covers construction, management


John Cox Recreation Area Design/Planning Brief 1988 6pp Land use/layout brief for open space on western edge of town

Car Franchise Site Design Brief 1986 38pp Design brief and sales particulars for site in the western industrial area 

Eyotts Farm Redevelopment Brief 1986 14pp Redevelopment brief for extension and alterations to non-listed farmhouse

Petrol Station Design & Development Brief 7pp Site in north western corner of town. Planning application refused consent

Childcare Nursery Design Brief 1990 6pp Proposal for part of the undeveloped Phase 5 Town Centre site

Land adjoining Shaw Farm 4pp Site with commercial/community potential on edge of town.



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